10 Mar 2013

Twelve months on

That art shop was 80 miles away and then I couldn’t find it – so it was back to the postal service and my new paints haven’t arrived yet (moan!). After a week of unpacking, sorting and settling in I now have my easel set up permanently next to an open fire – bliss. To have a TV, telephone and a washing machine is blissful too – all we need now is the internet (currently causing a problem for BT!). It was exactly a year ago that we found our plot – we couldn’t have believed we would be lucky enough to have sold our house and be living here 12 months later. That year was all about research, service connections, solicitors and planning – a busy and uncertain period, but now the exciting stage begins. Maybe in another 12 months I will be writing my blog from our new super-insulated house with satellite broadband and a warm studio overlooking the sea? Meanwhile, the van is rocking in the wind at communication corner , the sheets are pegged out with windproof pegs (the wooden ones lasted 2 minutes!) and are horizontal – after a swift half at the pub they should be as dry as a bone (or a few miles down the road entangled in a gorse bush!).


Nic McLean said...

Not sure how I missed these last couple of posts!! I love your cartoons - I recognised Michael straight away!! How wonderful will it be when you have a bespoke studio - is it being incorporated in your house plan? We have a large field at the side of our house which I'm hoping might house a studio at some point in the future (after a lottery win perhaps!)

angela j simpson said...

Thanks Nic, better at portraying Michael (Henry as he's known on the web!)than myself. Studio will be the spare room! Don't forget to buy the lottery ticket x