4 Oct 2015

Wonders will never cease

The artist has been painting! Not once but twice, both commissions – a card for a good friend of mine who has been celebrating a very long engagement and a portrait of a holiday cottage. Titus was very interested in the re-emergence of some painting equipment and was ever-so slightly nagged when he started to suggest this activity was far less important than a walk on the beach. Being so big (head and shoulders above the height of the table) he can reach for a sniff and a nudge of most things. A bearded snout, very handsome when dry but catastrophic when wet, can do serious damage to one’s artwork and “sniffing and nudging” what isn’t his, is what he does when wanting to be noticed. Needless to say, the walk had to wait while I was lost in a creative zone for a stolen few hours.

"Good job the lid is screwed on Titus"

A day to remember for one happy couple

A little wee croft house and not a sheep in sight

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PatsyColchester said...

I'm sure I saw that wee house wink at me ;) Love it xx