30 Aug 2015

Oh no #2

This was not the next blog post I was planning to write, but I found a 2011 sketchbook in that large pile that held some memories of all our departed fury friends; Ned, Pumpkin and Teasel.
Pumpkin’s sister Teasel liked the holiday season and befriended all of the visitors who stayed in the nextdoor holiday cottage. Last weekend she made her usual trip down the road to see the new arrivals. She hadn’t been too well since Pumpkin died and was a little skinny and wobbly, but still purring. That same day was effectively abducted by those new arrivals and taken to the local rescue centre who took her to the vet where she was put to sleep. We found out some hours later when they thought it best to tell us what they had done. Somewhat stunned and mortified we reclaimed her so that she could be buried next to her brother. It would seem that the holiday makers didn’t tell anyone where she had come from and nobody asked any questions, so we were unable to say goodbye.

Brother & sister snuggled up together
Ned and Henry

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PatsyColchester said...

So sad... no words can bring comfort but sending hugs xoxo