25 May 2015

Art in the Forest - the end

Well, the series of 10 workshops have come to an end. This Sunday witnessed a long lay-in, followed by a major tidy-up of my make-shift studio which had become a dumping ground of materials and masterpieces from Art in the Forest. On our last day we revisited lino-printing and created some lettering for some posters which we are making to decorate the cabin. 

I’ve really enjoyed my series of workshops – they’ve provided good company and a shared spell of regular “me time”. I took part where ever  I could, but it was only really the oil painting that got my creative juices really flowing again……so my pochade is at the ready, kitted out with a new colour palette and I shall be out this afternoon for a daub in the bank holiday sunshine………………… (!)

...it's not really the end, we'll be back for more

The beast of the forest - seen assisting Henry to light the cabin log burner
 every Sunday morning
and sliding on the shiney cabin floor when everyone had gone home

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