3 May 2015

Art in the Forest 6,7 & 8

I’ve just finished a run of 3 consecutive workshops and enjoyed a little lie in this morning. The focus for these last few has been sketching with oils using a pochade box. The weather was mainly kind, although it saved it’s warmest sun for the days either side of our Sunday workshops. Last week we all showed willing, and slowly marched out in convoy to the forest track, with our creative paraphernalia, until someone said “I think it’s going to rain”, and then I heard “it is raining” followed by “no it’s not, it’s snowing!”. So we all turned round and briskly marched back to the warmth of the log cabin. But we still had some fun, mixing oil colours and learning how to “see” objects as shapes not “things”.

a little bit of sketching (in the sun)

a little demo from me (inside when it snowed)
another little demo - outside (when it was sunny)
enjoying the sunshine & the sound of the river
christening some brand new pochade boxes

Blue sky

mixing colours by the warmth of the log fire

and here are some of the fabulous results

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