26 Jan 2015

Art in the Forest no. 1

Happy New Year! Bit late, but what’s new. What is a new, is that I’ve started a series of art workshops deep in Borgie Forest. The programme has been funded by Highlife Highland providing a creative outlet on our doorstep. Having delivered a number of individual workshops on various themes, I found that there was often too much to cover in  one day’s event. The grant enables me to facilitate a programme of learning at very low cost to those attending. Nothing too serious, just a bit of fun in the forest, an opportunity to get out of the house and mix with a bunch of like-minded new friends. So, we’ve started with some drawing techniques using various forms of graphite and charcoal. More of the 8 lovely ladies, lots of cake and a cosy log fire to look forward to next week, when we dabble in a bit of ink......

Drawing each other – 64 quick 2 minutes sketches

Hands on mark making - 8 quick group compositions

Vegetable matter close up – working up an appetite

Vegetable matter enlarged – working off the cakes!

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