16 Nov 2014

Spots before my eyes

My focus has shifted away from my easel to my laptop of late, and I was going crazy from a lack of painting or even a hint of creativity. To compensate for the hours hunched over my laptop by day I began knitting furiously by night. As a result, my eyes suffered and I found myself reaching for some reading glasses. Knitting Fair Isle by the fire is not an issue, but wishing your arms were longer is something else, an age thing!  “EEK! “ I thought, “this won’t do, must find an antidote – I know, invest in some funky spotty tights. “

You may laugh (or look puzzled) but I felt alive (and less old) again in my colourful spotty tights. Re-energised I flung my new funky legs in a Highland fling for Henry. They were, I’m sure, a truly magic antidote - my Fair Isle frenzy has given way to some painting and I've secured myself a new job.

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