9 Sep 2014

World Sheep Dog Trials

This week I was at the World Sheep Dog Trials in Tain followed straight after by a lino printing workshop. The house looks like a bomb’s hit it and my eyes look a bit like lino prints, so I think perhaps I may have over done it  – but I have had fun. The craft tent was a great success and I completely sold out of cards and prints and gave away all my business cards. Between sales I was working on a pastel portrait of a sheepdog. I become so engrossed when painting that I can be totally oblivious to what’s going on around me. On a couple of occasions the lady on the stall beside me had to tell me that someone was trying to buy something! When I turned round, there was not only a patient customer but another dozen eyes watching me paint. On the second day Henry and Titus arrived and succeeded in drawing a large crowd of giant schnauzer admirers. Consequently, neither of us had a chance to see any of the sheepdogs in action and I am now completely out of stock. Having just looked at the Creative Moray Firth  facebook page I realise what I missed - including Princess Anne who I hope wasn't trying to talk to me whilst I was engrossed in my portrait!

On Sunday I tutored a cabin full of creative souls in the first steps of lino cutting. Despite my dwindling energy levels, a roaring log fire, homemade cake (thanks to Louise) and the aroma of linseed and seaweed seemed enough to keep everyone happy all day. 

" What sort of dog is that ? Isn't he lovely "

Can you smell the lino warming by the fire?

Can you hear a pin drop? Or was that a dollop of seaweed?

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