16 Sep 2014

Lino and luggage

I am still putting things away after the Sheep Dog Trials and the lino workshop – or rather trying to find somewhere to put them. I shall be so glad to have a studio and an organised space, or even some space would be nice! Running an art workshop in venues away from home requires quite a bit of planning and carting stuff about. So I have invested in a neat travel case for all my workshop materials. The case is made by ArtBin and designed to carry a sewing machine in the bottom part (so nice and strong), and all your bits & bobs in the detachable shoulder bag. I bought a selection of “Really Useful Boxes” to fit neatly inside the compartments and am gradually filling them with materials for various different workshops. There’s no sewing machine in there of course and so far no paint brushes, but you will find a hair dryer, bathroom tiles and a set of spoons! These materials were put to use last weekend at my lino workshop. The hairdryer to soften the lino, the tiles to roll ink ,and the spoons to create the prints.........

drawing an image on to the lino
cutting the softened lino (first aid kit also in ArtBin)

Rolling on the ink before rubbing the paper over the
inked lino with the back of a spoon

Lots of lovely prints

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