4 Aug 2014

Drawing all day

The Dog in Hand is still on the easel and going well so far. Titus was the star of the show at the Moy Game Fair – we had to stop every couple of yards to explain what he was, his age and his good looks which left little time to actually look round! He also made a profit at the car boot and I sold 4 paintings at various venues these last few days. To finish off such a good week I spent all day Sunday at a drawing workshop with Magi Sinclair. Great fun! It was lovely to see some of her wonderful drawings and understand a little more about her approach to working on such a large scale. As a result I shall be ordering some graphite dust and making sure I leave one wall clear in my new studio for when I want to go large!

Inspiration and a freshly made crab sandwich
I quickly reverted in sketching small outside....
.....and then went large inside!

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