9 Aug 2014

Christmas is coming

Well it’s not really, but some of you early birds might be thinking about it already (unlike me who will leave it til December!). You may remember that I won a Christmas painting competition last year with The Artist Magazine. My prize was a £200 donation to my chosen charity which was the MS Trust. I also donated my design of “Sophie” which they have used for a Christmas card this year. She has flipped, become a little squarer and darker…..and is available in a pack of 6 ! All proceeds go to the MS Trust. The original “Sophie” is also still available as a card and if you are thinking about commissioning a personalised Christmas card please let me know asap!

Squint at the star (on enlarge it!)

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Nic McLean said...

I've just seen this now for some reason as I was having a wee nosy at your blog (I've nominated you for a blog hop - details on my post today) I don't remember you winning that - did you tell me or keep it quiet? anyway, congratulations that's fabulous! Sophie looks great as a square!