4 Aug 2013

Art in miniature

100 small paintings is worth 1000 large ones, or so they say. Working small is feeling right just now – I’ve found it a good way to increase productivity and it creates instant gratification for one who needs a boost! In addition to my plein air challenge, I’ve introduced an indoor one – a small painting a day based on a monthly theme. August equals sheep! Apart from being surrounded by, and slightly obsessed with sheep, I’ve been asked to supply a local gift shop with a range of sheepy cards. This week I’ve produced 5 drawings using Indian ink on watercolour paper. My plan is to offer the originals for sale, reproduce the images on cards and create a set of miniature prints. I photographed this pedigree flock about a year ago – they were eager to be fed and beautifully clipped. I’ve enjoyed painting these girls and hope I’ve captured their individuality. I have some lovely photos from the Royal Highland Show which will inspire me next week, and then I’ll have to resort to the relative scragger-muffins on the crofts outside!





Nic McLean said...

That's great you got asked to supply the gift shop, you never said! Your sheep are lovely. Funny we're both swaying towards smaller art!

Pappersdraken said...

They are lovely! You have really caught their different personality. If I saw them in a shop I would definitely buy them!

angela j simpson said...

Thank you - if you really like them, you will find Morag here https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/160012349/morag-original-ink-drawing-of-a-sheep?ref=shop_home_active along with her sisters! The others will be in my Etsy shop later this week - you can join my mailing list for early notification and free postage (see tabs at the top of this page)