21 Jul 2013

Greek Highlands

Well it’s jolly hot here and very nice it is too. The grass is beginning to smell warm and crispy, the Horny Hamishes are paddling in the loch and today I saw a couple of lizards basking in the sun. Yesterday we ate fresh langustine (the exact same ones you eat in Greece!) and the sea is as calm as can be. Whilst everywhere looks and sounds like the Islands Highlands of Greece, the sea is not quite as warm which I found out when I went for a dip in a lovely isolated and deserted sandy bay. At least I hope it was deserted, my screams will have exposed the fact that my swimming costume is 500 miles away in storage! Anyway, my Charcoal Chickens are now hanging in the Caithness Artists Show in Thurso. Next week – sheep. Baaaah.

Don't forget to check up on my Daily Painting progress......

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Nic McLean said...

It all sounds very idyllic and wonderful! And then I remember tat I experienced it too and yes it really was that lovely! See you Friday where I hope we have at least 1 red sticker between us!