19 May 2013

MS Secret Art Show

It’s that time of year again, the Multiple Sclerosis Trust’s Secret Art Show submission date has been and gone – I only just made it. Why is it that when you have lots of notice for something, you end up doing it at the last minute? I’m a day or two behind at the moment and can’t seem to keep up with the date – so I thought I had a day to do my submission, and then realised I only had til the post left that day! I finished my painting and marched the mile or so off to the post office, only to find that it shut half an hour earlier. So, since the post office doesn’t have a postbox, I then had to march back (uphill) towards home, and another mile in the opposite direction to get to the post box before the last collection. This was Thursday and I still have aching legs! Lesson learnt – don’t leave it till the last minute next year and memorise opening hours of post office! This week’s commission, was in contrast, completed and posted without feeling like I’d run a marathon in the process.

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Tracey Fletcher King said...

I came over from Nic's blog and so thrilled she linked to you... your work is really lovely and I can't wait to see this one a bit further along... just gorgeous...xx