12 May 2013

Feline adventures

Our big adventure and relocation to the highlands has also uprooted our two cats, both virgin travelers and very unworldly wise. Since we moved they have been confined to the safety of the croft, looking inquisitively through the window but not in the least bit interested in stepping foot outside. It’s been warm and sunny so we’ve had the windows open this week and the smell of the outside made the cats very vocal all of a sudden – so they were re-introduced to big wide world! Each day they make a wider circle around the house, but are desperate to get in when they’ve had enough. But by way of a thank you, we have been treated with a mouse, and to repay the gesture I’ve had to rescue Pumpkin from the paralysing gaze of two tough looking natives!  Here’s a few sketches of the terrorised twins in their comfort zone.


PatsyColchester said...

Love the picture with Old Father Time ;)

Nic McLean said...

They're beautiful, Angela! I love the sketches especially with them curled up on Michael!