17 Feb 2013

The Amazon Fairy

The Amazon Fairy has grown new flight feathers, discovered where we live and delivered two exciting Step by Step books – one on Excel and the other on Microsoft Project – yippydee, how riveting! Alas, my fear of spreadsheets must be overcome if I am to contribute to the building of our new house. Both books are severely lacking in aesthetic stimulation so I have assigned a magnificent wibbly-wobbly froggy bookmark to brighten up the pages!  In order to postpone reading such dull books I’d started sorting out my digital photos .With digital cameras we no longer have to think about the cost of processing, but then they linger in their thousands on the laptop, waiting to be sorted. This sort-out included cataloguing images of my paintings – a worthwhile and thought provoking exercise for me. I’m not really sure that I have a strong style, a consistent pallet or a preferred subject. There’s a montage below of some of my paintings and illustrations I can certainly see some development over the last few years but not an emerging style. Amongst my e-folders is a collection of work by other artists, artwork that captivates me. I’ve shared some of these on Pinterest and stared at them frequently over these last few weeks (a further absorbing distraction from reading dull books!). For me there are some striking common themes in terms of colour pallets and composition, which aren’t necessarily reflected in my own work, but more on this later.


Nic McLean said...

The Amazon fairy must be very busy up in the far north these days as I've been calling upon his/her services frequently in the month & 1/2 that we've been living here!
It's actually really refreshing to hear another artist talk about their style and technique and consistency or lack thereof. I follow several artist on their blogs and many have a very distinct style, immediately recognisable whereas when I look through my work over the last few years, I seem to have various styles. Perhaps it's being both artist and illustrator - different mediums usually call for different techniques for me. I also don't have a signature colour palette although I do like to use colours that you wouldn't normally expect to see in the subject matter. Perhaps it isn't a bad thing not to have just the one style - I know I'm still learning and my style is still evolving but I am glad to know I'm not the only one!

Nic McLean said...

oh, and I meant to say - your montage looks fabulous - even though you have used different mediums the one thing that is consistent is your talent.

angela j simpson said...

Nic, thanks so much for your comments and for following! I'm pleased that I'm not alone too! I have had a revelation with colour palettes this week - for a future blog post perhaps!