3 Feb 2013

Assessing One's Boggy Bits

I had drafted a post about my sketchbook for today – but yesterday’s events were much more exciting, so I’ve decided to share this with you instead. I’ve mentioned that we have bought a building plot………well, yesterday saw the arrival of a big yellow digger and our very first guests. It’s in a coastal and remote location, and although fully accessible by road, our guests came by other means to examine some small holes dug by said digger! These stills give you an idea, but do watch the movies (it took me ages to work out how to get them edited and then on to this blog!). The ground is adequately solid below its boggy exterior, the rock is extremely hard and the house footprint fits nicely on the boggy bit without having to break up the hard bit – so all is well at this early stage in our big adventure!


Kay said...

Get you... firstly impressed with your camera and editing skills, secondly, is that how I'm supposed to arrive when I visit!!!!

I'm really excited for you both, let the digging begin.


Ed Anderson said...

Building a home in an undeveloped rural setting can be a grand (and harrowing) experience. I speak from experience! The chopper looks like fun as well.

Keep us posted!

PatsyColchester said...

Buffering on my computer spoilt my enjoyment of that but eagerly awaiting the sequel. x

angela j simpson said...

A friend said on facebook that they expected Daniel Craig & the Queen to jump out!

Ian from gills said...

Eat your heart out Spielberg.- Who was the Knob in the woolly hat? Obviously not the "Local Hero"

Ian from Gills