22 Dec 2012

Snowdog days

Christmas seems to have crept up and caught me out, just can’t get my head round the idea of it being next week! I always struggle with any reference to the days of the week between 24th December and 3rd January – I can only compute either the date or the festive name of the day – Monday, Tuesday simply have no relevance, or is that just me? One of those dates is my birthday and ever since school I have abandoned any concept of work or normality between Christmas Eve and my late Grandmother’s birthday (2nd January). I am looking forward to Raymond Briggs Snowman & the Snowdog on Christmas Eve (that’s Monday for anyone who insists on superfluous labels!). I am fascinated to see what 77 artists have produced with 3000 coloured pencils to produce the required 12 drawings for each second of the film! No doubt I won’t be able to maintain dry eyes when I see the beginning of the cartoon as I shall miss our own snowdog this year, who was absent from this year’s card, but very much in evidence on those of previous years…..

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