30 Dec 2012

New Boots and Paintings!

I’ve had a nomadic few weeks, been doing a lot of visiting and I’m never really sure where I’m going to wake up next! I’ve received a lovely pair of new DM’s (thanks Henry), enough wool to keep me knitting til next Christmas (thanks Mum & Dad)and a healthy number of commissions to start on next week (thank you all!). The Christmas tree looks a bit sad this side of new year - all the colourful gifts have been replaced with a pile of pine needles. But it’s always a very restful time for me – the frantic pre-Christmas period is over (I’m a year older) and as I reflect on a busy year I’m getting excited about the one ahead, rewrite my list of things to do and make lots of new art related resolutions for 2013! So, this marks the last blog post of 2012 and I hope you have enjoyed them.


PatsyColchester said...

Very much so and looking forward to lots more next year. Love & good wishes. :)P&K

Carol Lee Beckx said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - drawing every day is great. I try to draw for 20 minutes and before you know it you are engrossed and don't want to stop!

angela j simpson said...

Happy New year both!I'll be keeping my sketchbook going this year - new resolution!