20 Aug 2012

Rising Damp

No alarm set for this morning after a very busy weekend at the North Wales Country Fair in Bala. I’d not done a fair before, and didn’t really know what to expect. It certainly took a lot longer to prepare than I had imagined and I can’t believe how tired I feel today, but it was an enjoyable experience. The weather wasn’t too bad, but the ground was quite damp & muddy and my long floaty skirt was suffering from a touch of rising damp! I promised myself a lovely pair of red and black Muck Boots once I’d sold a print – two sold in quick succession on Sunday, but by then they had sold out of my size! Whilst talking to people on my stand I was also painting a champion foxhound called Marshall. Sometimes there were half a dozen or more pairs of eyes behind me – quite disconcerting to start off with, but I got used to it. So fingers crossed that all the positive comments and interest turn into commissions over the next few weeks & months.  


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