29 Apr 2012

Living in a box, in a cardboard....

…..that probably shows my age! Clear-outs and tidy ups feature frequently in my diary. I don't find cleaning very rewarding, but I do enjoy clearing out stuff and getting organised. I seem to have spent a great proportion of my life living out of and re-arranging boxes, and that’s not because I’ve been on the move – more because my home (and storage space) has, more often than not, been “under construction”! As a consequence I’ve learnt to love boxes –especially posh ones - like my lovely red lacquered cube which is shiny black inside and houses my card making materials. I’ve also collected an array of mobile art “boxes” (essential for the studio-less artist) and my favourite is a Jullian thumb box. My husband brought in a cardboard box yesterday – he said the excitement on my face was astonishing! The truth is that I’m not really that sad, I thought it had just arrived in the post and contained the new wooden box for my pastels - maybe that will arrive in monday.

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