7 Apr 2012

Brain ache

Back in February I wrote about steep learning curves, and I’m still working my way uphill in the computer department. With snow on the ground the weeding has come to an abrupt halt (as has spring) and I’ve been doing a few things I had been putting off for some time. One was the accounts – urgh! – and the other a mailing list. I managed both without tackling my aversion to spread-sheets. Needless to say, the exercises consumed many hours of valuable painting time, and left me with square eyes and a stiff neck.  However, job done and I eagerly await a tax rebate and a host of new email subscribers. A good friend has kindly offered me some spread-sheet tuition to make next year’s accounts less painful and I have ordered myself a hefty text book to aid the design of a forthcoming series of newsletters – so why not sign up by clicking this unsophisticated link to my very sophisticated form: http://eepurl.com/kFYr1


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