7 Mar 2015

Bog Art

There has been another Art in the Forest workshop since my last blog post – but I will save that till next time. I really want to show you what I’ve been up to these last few days. Having taught myself how to use the Adobe Design Suite, a session creating a digital image can vary from exasperating to very satisfying. I can’t always remember how to do it, and sometimes the computer just says “no” and we fall out. This week all went well. I drew the wellies of a dutch man standing on 3000 years of peat and the bright sticky face of a sundew. The I just converted these into digital images using Adobe Illustrator. This means they can be blown up to enormous proportions without becoming all pixelated (by the word“just” I mean -  spent 2 days hunched over the laptop). “Why?  I hear you ask. Well, once printed, kiddies will be able to measure their height in peat age and then throw soft velcro coated fly-like objects at the sticky bits of the sundew. Why else?

The sticky sundew - aim, fire!

A 3m high roller banner 

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