11 Feb 2012

Learning Curves

There's been a bit of delay with this week's blog -  my scanner had an identity crisis and forgot its purpose in life. My recent “change of direction” has been both enjoyable and challenging – embracing technology being the steepest learning curve for me. My concentration, frustration and delight as I learnt new skills and saw my website go live are depicted in my diary - as are the reactions of those around me!  And as for social networking – that’s another world  - one of which I am only just beginning to understand. I am thinking of providing you with the opportunity to join my mailing list and receive automatic updates of my blog, or periodic snippets of my latest news and creations. If you already follow my blog, or have something to say about this idea please leave a comment. I'd like to say thank you to Liz (and those around me) for being so patient and helpful along this learning curve!  


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